Welcome to Natural Quantum Wellness. The next wave to Stress-free Living and Wellness! We provide Vibrational Medicine and Sound and Light therapies that are cutting edge technologies from the most advanced Natural Sciences with our Wellness Pro Plus and our far-infrared heated sauna to help reduce pain and inflammation, to our Crystal light bed and Braintap for stress-free living. We begin our consultation with the Zyto scan health analysis which then we will customize your program of services from there. At Natural Quantum Wellness we integrate our most advanced Vibrational Medicine and Wellness therapies with our most ancient practices of Reflexology and Reiki to combine the best of both worlds to help our clients reach their optimum state of Natural Health. Vibrational Frequencies is the next wave to Wellness!

We even offer remote services now for a Wellness Zyto Health analysis scan nationwide and globally in some areas.  We are also a distributor of the Wellness Pro Plus that you can now use in your very own homes to manage your pain and inflammation naturally.  The best part is there is no side effects too only reduction of pain and inflammation to help you live Pain-Free lives!

We use the Wellness Pro Plus exclusively along with other Vibrational Therapies such as offering stem cell patches now to rejuvenate your own stem cells. We have helped thousands of people with everything from chronic and acute pain and inflammation such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, knee, hip, neck and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and so many more health conditions.

Natural Quantum Wellness can help give you hope once again and peace of mind to a more natural approach.  We deal with the full-body, mind, and spirit when we work with you because we know each body system works synergistically together not separate.

Lori Smiskol BCND, CNHP, PMA is a new breed.  She is a Traditional Naturopath, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master and Bio-Energetic Practitioner.  She applies all of these Wellness therapies to work together synergistically for a total approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit.

Some of our services include a full Wellness consult and Zyto body scan, Reflexology, Wellness Pro Plus, Far Infrared Sauna, Crystal Light Bed and Brain Tap.

We invite you to a deep relaxation experience and to reduce any area of chronic or acute pain and inflammation to help you live a fully functioning life and live pain-free again! Natural Quantum Wellness is the next wave to Wellness! Please call for your free 20-minute complimentary consultation by phone or in the office to find out how you can benefit too and receive your 9-min Live Pain-Free demo session too!





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